Tim Walker

You will find Tim Walker artworks all over Warrnambool including Flagstaff Maritime Museum, McDonald’s East,  St John of God Hospital and SW Healthcare.  Tim is basically a self-taught artist; he spent most of his year of RMIT’s Diploma of Fine Arts course sliding down the banisters of the Art Department building and having clay fights in Swanston Street.   Tim has been a professional artist since 1995, and has painted all over Warrnambool and district specialising in working on site.  Watercolour and gouache (an opaque form of watercolour) are his favourite media, but Tim has also used acrylics.   Local businesses including panelbeaters, pharmacy, funeral director’s, and a car dealership have commissioned his paintings, but most are displayed in private houses locally as well as making their way to Melbourne, interstate, and overseas. Warrnambool Art Gallery and Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum sell Tim Walker greeting cards.

Warrnambool's specialist in commissioned landscapes, portraits of buildings, houses and gardens, and pictorial biographies
"Tim's world famous, but only in Warrnambool!" - quotation from a Tim Walker owner

Contact Details

Contact Name: Tim Walker

Postal address: 19 Sundale Road, Warrnambool 3280

Phone number: (03) 5562 7036

Email address: timcarol@iprimus.com.au

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Warrnambool & District Artists' Society