Gorman’s Art Gallery

Description of Venue: A light, airy space, provided by Gorman's Real Estate Agency, the building in the main street of Casterton is home to an ongoing art exhibition. Run by artist volunteers in a cooperative venture, it offers a place for members to showcase their work.

Types of events which are run/held: An ongoing, but regularly changing art exhibition, featuring work from artists residing in three states of the country. Quarterly competitoins and featured exhibitions ensure new works are exhibited.

Is the venue able to be booked by the public? No

Distance from Melbourne: 356 kilometres

Is the venue open to the public, when and what times? Gorman's Art Gallery is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11.00 am till 3.00 pm.

Access: wheelchair access through front door

Contact Details

Contact Name: Jenn White

Phone number: 0418 132 047

Email address: jennw@spin.net.au


80 Henty Street, Casterton, Victoria, Australia

Gorman’s Art Gallery

80 Henty Street, Casterton, Victoria, Australia

Gorman's Art Gallery is run by artists as an exhibition space for viewing by the public.

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Gorman's Art Gallery