Blarney Books & Art

Description of Venue: Quality book shop and book-related art space, established in 2005 in Port Fairy's old Masonic Hall. Permanently on display are panels by acclaimed Australian artist Geoff Hogg, and winners of previous Biblio-Art competitions! Plenty of chairs, couches, a piano, a special train track table for the kids, chessboard - this all means we welcome you to come and enjoy. Stay a while. Relax.

Types of events which are run/held: We are the home of the Biblio-Art Awards, an annual book-art competition which attracts entries from around Australia! $1500 grand prize, and smaller prizes offered.

Is the venue able to be booked by the public? Yes.

Distance from Melbourne: 290 km.

Is the venue open to the public, when and what times? We would love to see you on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 11am to 4pm.

If the venue is available for hire, how do people hire the space? Yes. (And yes, we would love to do a bookshop wedding!) Please email Jo Canham:

Floor Dimensions: 12m x 4m gallery, 12m x 9m bookshop.

Seating Capacity: 50

Seating available on-site? 50

Access: Yes

Toilets: One internal.

Kitchen: We have a fridge for event refreshments!

Stage: Yes, newly installed in 2015! 4m x 5m. 400mm.

Technical equipment: Yes. Plenty of stage lighting, strip lighting, disco ball!

Contact Details

Contact Name: Jo Canham

Phone number: 0355682174

Email address:


Blarney Books & Art