Rachel Peters

Painting is something I have always done. It has become a way of expressing and processing the life I see around me and the reflections I have about the world in which we live.

I have been enjoying exploring different techniques of painting as they offer ways of understanding and paralleling the world. Scratching the surface of the paint to reveal what has gone before, colors and textures hidden until they are wiped at or scraped back. Things that didn’t work but can’t be ignored, just like the history of our country in its peoples and its agriculture. Then there is adding texture to surface, either in natural form – like sand or shells, or human made left overs, like washed up plastic and rusty bottle tops. All have something to add and something to say about the people who have lived with them. All are effected by huge natural forces that ceaselessly happen and shape the environment.

I enjoy blending the layers, letting then seep into each other or adding more layers, to create beauty out of the history of the picture. Some times the layers are quick and splashed on, and other times they are laboured and take forever to study and methodically create. Whatever way it evolves, I love being part of a creative drive that forgives, restores and goes on producing a new chapter. It feeds my faith in life . As I paint, I hope to add richness to other’s perception of life.

Rachel Peters is a visual artist who works in a number of media. She often reflects on land, water, community and connections. Her work will often start with a place, person or experience and then develops as she converses with paint, old maps, torn paper, and found objects to explore the themes.
sensual and earthy.....deep ridges of paint and textural swirls mix with old torn maps, and ripples of ripped fabric

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Contact Name: Rachel Peters

Postal address: 40 Macdonald Street Warrnambool 3280

Phone number: 0439 784 763

Email address: info@tidalart.net

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