With One Voice – funding to start a community CHOIR

What is on offer?

With One Voice choir project

Creativity Australia welcomes applications to establish community-based With One Voice choirs from a group of individuals or community organisations that have an interest in building healthier, happier, more inclusive and stronger communities.

There is no limitation on who can apply to start a With One Voice program, however, the organising committee, once fully established, cannot be made up of one group of people or organisation. The organising committee must represent the community and applications will be assessed based on their diversity and/or plan to achieve diversity.

Groups of individuals are also welcome – and encouraged – to start a With One Voice program. The above is not an exclusive list, however is intended to help stimulate discussion in the wider community about establishing a With One Voice choir in your local area. If you would like assistance on whether or not your group or organisation would be suitable to help establish a With One Voice choir, please contact Creativity Australia.

The With One Voice movement is about strengthening communities and inspiring individuals to find their voice. We believe empowered individuals and supportive communities are better placed to solve society’s big challenges including cross-cultural integration, unemployment, mental illness, productivity, skills shortages, loneliness and isolation, family fragmentation, homelessness and more.

It is anticipated that the types of community organisations that may wish to form a community choir under the With One Voice program may include:

  • local schools (it’s a great community engagement and volunteering program!)
  • disability organisations
  • job seeker organisations
  • community based organisations such as the Lions Club, Rotary, Freemasons etc.
  • refugee groups / organisations
  • churches / religious groups
  • sports groups, such as footy clubs, tennis clubs, bowling clubs etc.
  • mental illness groups.

Click HERE for more details and application form.

Who is providing the opportunity? Creativity Australia

What is the closing date or deadline? 17 March

Contact Details

Phone number: 03 8679 6088

Email address: enquiries@cal.org.au