Gordon Darling Foundation

What is on offer?


The Gordon Darling Foundation supports the visual arts and to promote, through Public Institutions, access to and enjoyment of all areas of the visual arts, to the broadest possible audience.

The Foundation provides funding for a range of visual arts projects Australia-wide.

Funding may be provided for:

  • catalogues and publications
    • that are scholarly
    • that provide a permanent record of an exhibition, collection, artist or movement
    • the Foundation does not fund souvenir or promotional publications
  • exhibition development excluding marketing or promotional costs
  • professional education initiatives including individual professional development
  • research projects
  • symposia

The Foundation does not normally fund:

  • capital works
  • general or core activities
  • retrospective funding
  • recurrent funding of a project

Who is eligible?

The Foundation can only provide funding to Public Institutions in Australia. Individuals wishing to apply for funding for projects are required to partner with a Public Institution which then takes responsibility for the project. The Trustees will normally award only one grant per organisation in any given year.

Closes 31 May.  For more details and criteria, click HERE

Contact Details

Contact Name: Aileen Ellis/Sherrie Antonio

Phone number: 03 9820 3168

Email address: gdarling@bigpond.net.au