What is on offer?


The With One Voice movement is about strengthening communities and inspiring individuals to find their voice. It’s all about empowering individuals and communities to tackle the big challenges including cross-cultural integration, unemployment, mental illness, productivity, skills shortages, loneliness and isolation, family fragmentation, homelessness and more.

The With One Voice program is more than just singing with your local community choir. It is an opportunity to create real connections between the diverse people in your community. It is about reaching out to those who are experiencing disadvantage and encouraging the socially advantaged in our community to engage with, learn from and help these people.

To make it easier for communities to start their own choir, Creativity Australia is offering a limited number of Start-up Grants.
The next round of applications are open and will close on 1ST JUNE, 2018.

If you would like to establish a choir in your local community, submit an Expression of Interest outlining who you are, your community and the need. The best applicants are those that demonstrate a clear understanding of the With One Voice model, have already socialised the idea of starting a program in their community and have a small group of interested people who will support the program.

For more information including videos, past recipients and expression of interest forms, click HERE.

Closes 1 June.

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Phone number: 03 8679 6088

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