Cavendish Red Gum Celebration CALL OUT

What is on offer?


Residents of Cavendish are planning to host the next Red Gum Celeberation in 2018.

‘Celebrating Red Gums’ is a grass-roots community project, building an event around our emotional connection and interrelationship with the Red Gum landscape of SW Victoria and SE South Australia.

A number of key leadership roles for the development and delivery of the celebration have been identified, and an engagement process has commenced to appoint Portfolio Managers who
shall each showcase a facet of the event at Cavendish, Victoria, on the 13th, 14th & 15th April 2018.

The Art & Photography Portfolio Manager volunteer role offers an exciting opportunity to help shape the future of what is set to become a unique and iconic regional celebration.

If you are passionate about the Red Gum landscape, knowledgeable in your field of interest, highly motivated and willing to volunteer your time toward developing and delivering this event, the Red Gum Festival Development Group would love to hear from you.

To obtain a copy of the information pack, or for any queries, please contact the Event Secretary on (03) 5572 3922, or email:

Opportunity closes: 31 October.

Image: Graeme Tresidder


Cavendish, Victoria, Australia

Cavendish Red Gum Celebration CALL OUT

Cavendish, Victoria, Australia

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