Nicole Dimond

I was born and lived in Melbourne for a short time before we moved to Geelong. I went to Kinder and attended Primary School until about Grade 2, before we moved to Hamilton, and by then I was in Grade 3. I am the middle one when it comes to my siblings, as I have an older sister and a younger brother.
My hobbies, aside from my art, are watching movies, using the computer, reading books, and spending time with our pets, my interests include Dinosaurs, dragons – and anything else reptilian – the paranormal, aeroplanes, movies, theatre, certain actors, Doctor Who and books about history and factual information.

As a bit of personal information, I have very mild Epilepsy, and only a few years ago was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (part of the Autism Spectrum).
I use my art as a way of expressing myself but also as a way to escape reality and go into my own world. I hope to one day have a career where I can use my creative talents, and I also hope to continue to make and sell more art to people in the future.

I am a Visual artist living in the town of Hamilton, Vic, my favourite mediums are pen, pencil and pastel, and my preferred style of art is realism, as well as a bit of fantasy.

Contact Details

Contact Name: Nicole Dimond

Postal address: 24 Mount Baimbridge Road

Phone number: 55719357

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