Martin Sullivan

With no training in art, no formal bits of paper to wave around and no opportunity to really create, my former  life style did not allow the inner passion to come out. When it did the color where everywhere!

From dyslexia and traits of Asperger,s school was a living hell. Homelessness was an improvement, at least I could leave the spot I was in and go round a corner.

The gangs, drugs and street huddles became my only friends, and I got to see a life style that no town would want.

Having almost starved to death and seriously ill with disentree I was able to recover, and later set up a free food kitchen in Glastonbury England. From there the churches came on board with donations and a kitchen, later a community bless by the Bishop, I became Br. Martin and took services at the Abby , ran many ‘rescue’ efforts and helped turn the town around from drugs and decay.

I took on a trade as a wheelwright, and became qualified, then a yeoman to the livery company of wheelwrights (London).

It was about this time I was diagnosed with dyslexia, aspbie, and flat vision. (don’t ask me to catch a ball)

It was only in the last 6 years I turned to art, and with in my first week my paintings were selling. with-in 4 weeks of arriving in Australia my work was in the public gallery and a whole life style was created.

My passion to save rural towns from the crime and drugs that I experienced runs deep, yet I know this can be turned around. Art washes away  drugs, a town that is colorful attracts business and investors. It is rare that a town that makes a visual effort has empty shops.

My wish, is to see an art convoy of artists go town to town creating wonderful public art to attract tourists, not for a one off event, but 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year, so no tourist is disappointed. Business need round the clock trade not a ‘one off’.

My life as an artist is devoted to make that happen, my art sells and is currently  submitted to major gallery’s in New York and the RA London.

Back then, They said, setting up a free food kitchen in Glastonbury was almost impossible, I just went ahead with 2 saucepans and did it, was not so hard, and nether should saving our rural towns be eater.

One day, I might be known for my paintings, but in my dreams I would prefer a life that saw ‘one artist’ make a huge difference to fight back the ‘ice age’ and rekindle the decaying townships in this beautiful corner of Victoria.


Passionate about modern, colorful, urban, rural and street art. Its not about how well you use a brush but more about the imagination and making other laugh, smile and feeling great in what they see.
Let those who say its impossible stand aside to those who say it can be done.

Contact Details

Contact Name: Martin Sullivan aka Smartzie

Postal address: The Art Farm. Box 425 Port Fairy. Victoria 3284

Phone number: 0458739806

Email address:

Membership of Organisations

Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights.
Mens shed. Port Fairy.
Lecture Hall theater.
Pianist at Reardon Theater.
Couch Surfing, WWOFF,
Orford showground committee.
Academy of Modern Art