Lisa Jansen

Lisa Jansen is an emerging visual artist based in Warrnambool who works across sculpture, painting, textiles and installation. Her practice is primarily focused on how individuals seek to create coherent order when confronted by chaos (both physical and psychological). Jansen holds a Bachelor of Science (RN) (Deakin University) and a Diploma in Visual Art (South West TAFE). Her practice is informed by her experience working in the healthcare industry as a Nurse and her travels through Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Australia. She has exhibited in-group exhibitions at the Warrnambool Art Gallery, South-West TAFE and the Lighthouse Theatre. Lisa is the recipient of the 2017 Peter Lucas Memorial Art Prize is an annual award sponsored by the WAG that provides a student from the SWTAFE with an annual mentorship and exhibition space, providing invaluable support for emerging artists and a platform to launch a career in the arts.

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