Kajol Eagle

I started to get into jewellery when I was 8. ┬áBut I did it sporadically due to being more interested in academic pursuits. I didn’t re-enter the art world until I was 15, when an accident left me severely injured including being paralysed down the right side. The rest of my life changed forever.

When I was 17, I was still trying to┬árestore function to my right arm and unable to attend Year 12 due to being very sick. So my OT saw that I had a jewellery kit around and said ” why not try jewellery to help with your right arm”.

So I started threading one bead onto another.

I became very ill by the end of Year 11, too ill to do Year 12.

Left without a purpose, I turned to jewellery making for something to do and I haven’t looked back since.

Jewellery making is: my rehabilitation, my passion, my art and my saving grace.

I love creating pieces for: commercialism, contests or simply my whim.

And I love it when people can appreciate my pieces.

I am a jewellery artist that explores many mediums.

Contact Details

Postal address: 15 Church Street, Camperdown 3260

Phone number: (03) 55933664

Email address: kajol.eagle@bigpond.com