Joanne Russell

I work from home and out of Factory Arts in Warrnambool (at Fletcher Jones’ buildings), as one of the many students in that community.  Textural painting using sand, soil and slate pigments are part of my visual language.  I enjoy the contrast between flat colourful gouache, earth sourced texture and colour, and the lustre and shine of oils.  I like to learn about and experiment with new materials.

My current ‘new thing’ is learning about fibre.  This allows me plant and harvest seasonally to create work.  Combining basketry and stitching, I have been making some work which is featured in my slideshow.  Yes, that is macrame you can see….

A few of my previous works are also shown in the slideshow – two large landscape drawings and a painting of an imagined landscape.  These works are of places in my local environment.  Please enjoy!

I am a maker of paintings and drawings using line, colour and texture AND woven or stitched fibre work incorporating plants from local gardens
currently producing fibre and stitched work and continuing to experiment with textural painting

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Contact Name: Joanne Russell

Phone number: 0407 476 848

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