Janne Bowen Leather Artist

Janne Bowen is an artist who makes original hand carved leather masks which can be worn or displayed.

“I started making leather masks in 2011 when I was invited to a Masque party. I was determined to make my own mask after searching in vain for something really original. I experimented with using leather and found it a wonderful medium to work with. You can wear the masks as well as display them!

I design and make all my masks from fine Australian vegetable tanned leather. I hand- carve the textures and then mould the leather to my face so each is just the rights size and comfortable to wear.

The masks are then hand painted in luminous colours with flexible acrylic paint and finished with varnish. Each mask comes with leather or ribbon ties which will not slip if you choose to wear the mask. My masks are inspired by the natural world, myths and legends of the past and by my own imagination.


Janne Bowen makes original hand-carved leather masks for wear or display. Made from vegetable tanned leather, the masks are painted and feature the mythical and natural world.
Give someone a mask and they will show their true face!

Contact Details

Contact Name: Janne Bowen

Postal address: 170 Barongarook Road, Barongarook 3249

Phone number: 0408 035 777

Email address: janne.bowen@westnet.com.au


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