Helen Fitzhardinge

For several months each year Helen Fitzhardinge travels the less populated areas of Australia photographing and sketching. These images are the source of inspiration for much of her work. Ideas also bubble up while indulging in her other passion-reading.

Helen enamels, makes jewellery, draws, paints and creates small sculptures in her studio which is located in Terang. Her work starts with design drawing although each piece tends to develop a life of it’s own as the work progresses. At the moment she is working mainly with enamel on recycled steel. The steel is sourced from old refrigerator doors and takes extensive cleaning to make a suitable base metal. Then comes the creative part – enamelling. Enamel is finely ground glass which is placed on the metal and then fired at between 650 and 800 degrees Celsius. Layers of glass are slowly built up with successive firings. Each firing takes about 3 minutes and each piece is fired approximately 10 times.

Examples of Helen’s jewellery can be found at the Warrnambool Art Gallery, the Artery (Warrnambool), Limestone Gallery (Port Fairy) and Stockyard Gallery(Foster)


"Let the process take over...become absorbed in the delicious feeling of creating something...bringing the ideas in your head to life/reality" Virginia Kaiser

Contact Details

Contact Name: Helen Fitzhardinge

Postal address: PO Box 53 Terang 3264

Email address: ztifhp@gmail.com