Freya Marriott

“I was given my first string of beads when I was 2 years old. Something about their feel in my hands, the sound they made and of course, the colours, struck a chord which has shaped my work ever since.

Beads have been found in Egyptian tombs, Viking burial mounds and Roman excavations. I love the idea that my small works of art may delight a small child so many years in the future.


I am a glass artist creating glass beads and jewellery in bright bold shiny colours or richly textured ,subtly coloured forms , often combining beads with silver.

I share my Port Fairy studio with glass artist and partner, Robert Gatt and we welcome visitors.

Don’t miss our latest project,”The Third Expedition of Kitty Wakefield” which will be at Whale Bone Gallery for one week starting on Friday 5th September.

I also sell my work through Whale Bone Gallery, 39a Bank St , Port Fairy.

Contact Details

Contact Name: Freya Marriott

Postal address: 62 Regent Street, Port Fairy

Phone number: 03 55682794

Email address:


62 Regent Street, Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia

Freya Marriott

62 Regent Street, Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia

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