Emily Hancy

Emily Hancy is an emerging visual artist from Warrnambool whose focus is primarily based on themes of identity, vulnerability and self-image. She is also interested in relationships between humans and the natural environment. She obtained her Diploma of Visual Arts (South West TAFE) in 2018. Emily’s preferred mediums are photography and graphite. She also enjoys printmaking, textiles, embroidery and digital painting/illustration.

Emily is honoured to be the recipient of the 2018 Peter Lucas Memorial Art Prize from the Warrnambool Art Gallery, an annual award which provides a student from SWTAFE with mentorship and an exhibition space, providing invaluable support for emerging artists and a platform to launch their career in the arts.



  • Cover Album: Hits of Summer ’19 – January 2019, The Dart & Marlin Gallery, Warrnambool
  • South West TAFE Graduating Exhibition – November 2018-February 2019, South West TAFE, Warrnambool
  • South West TAFE End of Year Exhibition – October-November 2018, Warrnambool Art Gallery
  • Brauer College Art & Design Exhibition – November 2015, Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool
"Every individual person has strengths and weaknesses; things that excite us or make us feel ashamed."

Contact Details

Contact Name: Emily Hancy

Postal address: Warrnambool

Email address: e.hancy@outlook.com


Warrnambool VIC, Australia

Emily Hancy

Warrnambool VIC, Australia

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