Bronwen Rose

For as long as I can remember I have been captivated by stories and images of a world that is not our own. From the earliest fairy tales and childhood experiences to my current interest in anything paranormal, occult or fantasy-related, my brain has always been occupied by stories, places and characters beyond the boundaries of our realm.

Art to me is a limitless and inexhaustible source of magic, able to give a physical form to things that can otherwise only be imagined. I have no interest in painting that which already exists; I do not care to depict the world around me or the mundane limits of reality when I could instead create something totally new and personal to me.

I have long been a vivid dreamer, and find most of my inspiration in my nightly adventures into the unknown. Consistent themes and reoccurring characters in these dreams have shaped themselves into a complex and constantly evolving world in which I can conceive ideas. It is important for me to develop the inhabitants of this world into unique, fully realised individuals, as well as to give thought into their intricate relationships with one another. Generally, a concept for a painting would come first, and then the character which best fits the theme will be made the subject. This way I can best convey the intended mood behind the piece while further developing its subject’s personal story, and become even closer to the beings I have created.

The aim of my paintings is to bring to life the beautiful and flawed characters of my imagination, while portraying themes of fantasy, mythology and the supernatural. Their androgynous, angelic faces carry and unearthly kind of beauty and many of them are not even human. I focus on use of colour, attention to detail and a complex blend of opposites – light and dark, warm and cool, beautiful and terrible – and although my skills and direction are still in development, the themes of storytelling and dreams shall always remain in my work.

Exploring themes of fantasy and story-telling, Bronwen Rose's paintings tell of her vivid dreams, childhood memories and the beautiful characters that live in her head
Using a range of media and techniques, I bring to life the beautiful and flawed characters of my imagination

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