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Brett Clarke Bio – Gunditjmara Kirrae Whurrung Nations – Born 1977

From early childhood I spent much of my time with my late Grandfather, who taught me much about of our cultural history of the Gunditjmara Kirrae Whurrung.

Pop was an expert at wood carving and showed me and my brother Crispian how to use the tomahawk and rough rasp to make spears, boondees, carved snakes and boomerangs’

Pop not only showed us how to carve – he told us stories and the cultural significance of the wood carvings – precious memories for that continue to inspire my carving, paintings and songs.

”I used to spend many hours with Pop on the horse and cart going through the Framlingham Forest. Pop told me his stories about our culture, ancestors and relatives, bush medicine plants and native birds while we cut firewood to bring back to his house.”

Brett’s Artwork reflect upon the stories he was told as a child by his grandfather – the stories of his ancestors, the sacred motherlands, journeys of his people.

Also The mother earth and the natural enviroment, the sacred waterholes, the hills within the western district, the rivers, the midden sites, the trees and plants, fish and animals.

  Brett has endless knowledge about Indigenous culture and practices from the environment to traditional foods and cooking.

Brett is a multitalented artist & work’s in many different mediums wood, possum skin, oil pastels, acrylics, and also photography-multi-media.

My mother Patricia has been another great source of inspiration. She is an expert artist as well singer/songwriter and Author of the book Rainbow Serpent of The Hopkins River.

My ambitions are to continue Pop’s and my mothers work to increase cultural awareness of both local indigenous and mainstream communities. I intend to do this through producing cultural woodcarving artefacts and through my songwriting as my contribution to Reconciliation.




Brett is a multitalented artist and started paintings in his early teens. He also was taught the art of indigenous woodcarving by his grandfather.

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