Alison is a designer at heart – it is her passion. With all of her designs, the principles of design – balance, juxtaposition of all elements within the space, colour, texture etc, are all considered. But abstract art counteracts many previously solid theories about how compositions are put together. Alison enjoys challenging these preconceived ideas to interpret all aspects of her designs using the adage ‘rules are made to be broken’.

The Alison Aplin Art Gallery cum rustic studio can be found in Timandra Garden by the Sea, an Ecotourism and ATAP accredited tourist attraction. This garden showcases her passion for sustainable landscapes, with the studio fitting entirely with the sustainable aspect required by Ecotourism. Her abstract work continues to grow and her ideas expand.

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Alison currently has an exhibition in progress, commencing early September, 2018 and lasting until the end of November 2018. The invitation to exhibit has thrilled Alison. This exhibition is in the New Royal Adelaide Hospital’s Centre for Creative Health and Wellness, Adelaide, South Australia.

Alison is a multi-award winning landscape designer who is also an abstract artist where similarities of design are shown. Balance, texture, space and light are essential components of both gardens and abstract art.
Rules are made to be broken. Abstract art enables this creative instinct to flourish.

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Contact Name: Alison Aplin

Postal address: 82 Windham Street, Narrawong 3285

Phone number: 0418 825 625

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Bolwarra Art Group
Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers
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