Joanne Russell

I am completing my Diploma of Visual Arts right now at South West TAFE in Warrnambool.  My recent abstracted figurative works are in ink pen line, coloured with old school gouache and one of a palette of three textured surfaces – these textures are sand, soil and slate and are part of my visual language.  I enjoy the contrast between flat colourful gouache and earth sourced texture and colour.    Come and see my work later this year in the SWTAFE Centre for Creative Arts Studio Show and the SWTAFE Diploma Show at the Warrnambool Art Gallery.

A few of my previous works are shown in the slideshow – two large landscape drawings and a painting of an imagined landscape.  These works are of places in my local environment.  Please enjoy!

Using line, colour and texture in abstracted works on paper.
currently working to create pieces of compositional balance and calm out of the chance and freedoms of blind contour drawing

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