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Birregurra’s enLIGHTen Me: I have a Hall in my Heart Small Town Transformation is a 2-year long multi-arts initiative designed to celebrate the significance of its community hall—reframing its history in a contemporary way to inspire future use and sustainability.

This transformational project throws a ‘spotlight’ back on Birregurra’s hall—inviting local and high profile artists, including Craig Walsh and Gorkem Arcaroglu’s Metanoia Theatre, to examine the community’s past, present and future relationship with the space and develop works that celebrate its history while drawing attention to the space’s contemporary possibility.

At the core enLIGHTen Me: I have a Hall in my Heart is a place-making project that will empower the local community to reengage with their community hall; teach new skills that will sustain the space’s ongoing cultural development; and honor the hall’s history in a contemporary context with multiple permanent and ephemeral artworks.

The project combines high quality arts development from internationally renowned projection/multimedia artist, Craig Walsh and Metanoia Theatre Company with opportunities for all community to engage with the project, learn new skills and participate in a range of exciting projects and performance.

Over the course of the two year project, more professional and community artists will be invited to work on a range of projects including community collaborations. Community members from the district will have the opportunity to learn a very broad range of skills including digital storytelling, theatre production, movement, sculpture, welding, landscaping and more. There are also opportunities for people to gain meaningful experience in events management, arts administration and project management.

The project aims to:

  • Empower local communities
  • Engage professional and community artists and creative teams with the project
  • Build capacity within communities to create art and tell their stories
  • Celebrate the unique role Birregurra Hall has played in the community
  • Create a social picture of our region through the community hall

The project is due to commence in August 2016 and will be completed by October 2018.

Small Town Transformations is a Victorian Government initiative, managed by Regional Arts Victoria.

Project partners include Colac Otway Shire, Birregurra Hall Committee, Birregurra Community Arts Group, Birregurra Festival and Arts Show, Birregurra Senior Citizens, Birregurra Historical Society, Birregurra Primary School and Birregurra Community Health Centre.

A high quality arts and placemaking initiative designed to celebrate the significance of Birregurra's community hall
A exciting placemaking & multi-disciplinary arts project using high quality art to celebrate Birregurra Hall's history in a contemporary way

Contact Details

Contact Name: Fiona Brandscheid - Project Manager (Arts Development)

Postal address: PO Box 88 Birregurra VIC 3242

Phone number: 0414 060728

Email address:


42-44 Main Street, Birregurra, Victoria, Australia

Birregurra enLIGHTen Me

42-44 Main Street, Birregurra, Victoria, Australia

A high quality arts and placemaking initiative designed to celebrate the significance of Birregurra's community hall

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Membership of Organisations

Regional Arts Victoria (
Birregurra Community Arts Group (

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