Brett Jarrett, Wildlife Artist

Born in the coastal township of Portland, southwest Victoria, Brett Jarrett has dedicated his life to observing and documenting the behaviour and identification of wildlife worldwide through his paintings, in particular mammals and birds. From the age of eight he discovered that winter beachcombing often revealed many Southern Ocean seabirds that succumbed to the regions relentless storms. These remote, wind-swept western Victorian beaches provided a unique insight into the lives and make-up of the very subjects that have taken him several times around the world. Many years later this activity of close, in-the-hand observation still remains one of his most enduring and enjoyable connections to growing up surrounded by marine birds and mammals.

 A self-taught painter, Brett’s pursuit of wildlife has made him one of Australia’s most travelled and experienced modern day animal painters. Combined with a love of both painting and the study of natural history, projects have taken him to many regions of Antarctica, throughout Australasia; from Northern Lapland to Canada’s Hudson Bay and the geographic North Pole; the Americas, as well as four years covering the entire eastern tropical Pacific from Midway Atoll to Peru’s Humboldt Current collecting behavioural and abundance data on whales, dolphins and seabirds. His first Antarctic experience was in 1996 over a four-month period working in the field collecting data on Weddell seals. Today after years of expeditions as an observer, artist, guide, lecturer and field biologist to remote regions, his knowledge base and passion for marine birds and mammals has opened up many opportunities to paint those species that have long held a childhood fascination.

Brett is a signature member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists in the U.S.A., it only awards membership to artists who have achieved the highest level of artistic achievement in the genre of animal art. Furthermore his background in marine mammals and birds has also been rewarded in recent years with his work being sort after by authors wanting sound anatomical knowledge and field experience with the wildlife to be represented; the result being several field guides dedicated to marine mammals and birds depicting for the first time species and features never before published. Although composed in a field guide format they never-the-less need to exhibit the very standards of traditional realist painting: anatomical accuracy, tone, form and texture. Among numerous identification charts, posters and scientific papers that have used his paintings, some more notable publications have been:

A Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife

Whales, Dolphins and Seals: A Field Guide to the Marine Mammals of the World

Marine Mammals of the World: A Comprehensive Guide To Their Identification

The Marine Mammals of New Caledonia

The Marine Mammals of Singapore

Feather and Brush: Three Centuries of Australian Bird Art

Avifauna of the eastern Tropical Pacific

Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds, volumes 2 and 3

“Just as a portrait artist, any animal painted in the realism genre deserves to be accurately portrayed. As an artist, know your subject and try your best to represent it as beautifully as nature does”.

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Contact Name: Brett Jarrett

Postal address: Post Office, Narrawong, Vic 3285

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Narrawong, Victoria, Australia

Brett Jarrett, Wildlife Artist

Narrawong, Victoria, Australia

“Just as a portrait artist, any animal painted in the realism genre deserves to be accurately portrayed. As an artist, know your subject and try your best to represent it as beautifully as nature does”.

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Society of Animal Arts, USA

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